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Showrooms in Sweden

Our two showrooms are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Feel free to contact any of them regarding questions about our products, analysis of your needs and functional requirements, energy simulations, spectral data, customized product drawings, fabric samples and technical specifications.

In our showrooms, you can also book a product review to find out more about Luxaflex® different solutions when it comes to made to measure window blinds, saving energy, minimizing glare, light and heat protection, sound-friendly environments and curtain hanging for any kind of public premises.

We are more than happy to book an appointment with you.

Etage 1 Stockholm

Rosenlundsgatan 40
Contact: Calle Kihlman
+46 (0)739-44 14 67

Studio L6 Göteborg

Lasarettsgatan 6
Contact: Pernilla Norberg
+46 (0)708-16 62 91

Contact: Sebastian Ternström
+46 (0)708-45 38 51

Our customer service in each country are more then happy to help you answer any product question.


Phone: 0371-895 30
E-mail: projektoffert@luxaflex.se


Phone: 86 17 93 77
E-mail: projekt@luxaflex.dk


Phone: 23 17 33 00
E-mail: prosjekt@luxaflex.no

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