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Looking for outdoor sun protection for a commercial building? Luxaflex® Outdoor Screen collection is a high-quality solution. A durable form of sun protection that can be used in many situations. Our Outdoor Screens are stainless, non-deformable and weather resistant. The fabrics are fire-retardant and UV-resistant. This benefits the indoor climate on sunny days.

In addition, the Luxaflex® Outdoor Screens allows you to see outside without them blocking the view. Annoying glare is prevented, as well as full visibility from the outside, depending on chosen fabric.


Three models to choose from, all with cassette and side channels. Two of the models have a smart zip system which holds the fabric tight and firm, even on a windy/rainy day.

Beaufort® Zip
Our preferred option, also available to fit larger windows. The windproof zipper screen combines design with great wind resistance.

  • Max. width: 550 cm
  • Max. height: 600 cm
  • Max. area: 19 m²
  • Wind load: 24 m/s

ProScreen® Zip
Our universal model that fits both small and large windows up to 3 meters. The model also has a zip system that holds the fabric in place. Cassette in two sizes.

  • Max. width: 300 cm
  • Max. height: 300 cm
  • Max. area: 9 m²
  • Wind load: 24 m/s

Same principle as ProScreen® Zip except that this system does not offer a zip solution. ProScreen® is therefore suitable for smaller windows that are not heavily exposed to wind.

  • Max. width: 360 cm
  • Max. height: 400 cm
  • Max. area: 10,5 m²
  • Wind load: 12 m/s


Fabric collection

The selection of fabrics is carefully handpicked to fit every occasion. No matter if it is an overheated room, or if room darkening is most important – the collection of 33 different fabrics has all the options you need.

Screen fabric
Luxaflex® most popular fabric Sergé 3% has an openness factor of 3%, which makes it optimal to prevent heat and glare while you still keep the outside view. We also offer other screen fabrics with different openness factor like Sergé 1 % and Soltis 92 with 4% openness factor.

Room darkening
Luxaflex® Soltis B92 is the preferred choice when room darkening is top priority. The fabric prevents light, heat, and UV-radiation to enter the room.

The colour palette holds bright and earthy variations, from white, sand, grey to bronze and black.

Motorized outdoor blinds

All models are delivered with a 230V AC motor, operated via switch, remote control or automatic with a light/wind sensor. There are also possibilities to control the Outdoor Screen via a Smart Home system.

Beaufort® Zip, cassette 135, is also available with Somfy Sunea Solar IO 40 DC.

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  • Efficient regulation of light and heat
  • Reduces heat with up to 90%
  • Prevents glare
  • Protects furniture and floors from fading
  • Discrete neat design

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Light and heat control, thermal comfort and sustainable fabrics.

The right product, with the right functional fabric, can improve the indoor climate in a whole building."

When choosing fabric, make sure you have all the information needed.

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