Roller Blinds XL

Product information

The Luxaflex® Roller Blind XL is an innovative system, developed for large window areas. The user friendly system with its many smart features improves the end result. Available in five different models, in a wide range of fabrics, colours, transparencies and different bottom hardware options.

Max. width 360 cm.
Max. height 400 cm.
Max. area 12 m2.

Further down the page you find a complete model overview under Downloads.

Fabric collection

Within the Luxaflex® Roller Blind collection you will find different types of fabrics with unique characteristics, suitable for different solutions and situations. The collection include fabrics handling heat reduction, light reflection, energy efficiency, room darkening and transparency in the most efficient way. Most of the fabrics can also be used as Panel Shades.

Our fabrics are Oeko-tex and/or Greenguard certified. Within the collection you will also find flame retardant fabrics and fabrics suitable for humid environment.

Read more about our different sustainable certificates >


Common to all Screen fabrics is that you maintain the outside view, while reducing heat and preventing glare. Within the selection of Screen fabrics you can choose among different openness factors, in order to meet the requirements you might have. Some fabrics have metallized back side, which helps reducing heat and prevent glare. The collection also includes the energy efficient Verosol fabrics where all have high efficient metallized back side.

Room Darkening

When room darkening is the top priority, choose from this selection of fabrics. The selection of fabrics also includes a black out fabric measured to stop 100.000 lux. In combination with a cassette and side lists, you will get the most effective solution for the window.


No matter which fabric colour you choose for the interior, you will always have a unified view from the outside. All our fabrics have a white or aluminum back side.



The preferred operation options for Luxaflex® Roller Blind XL are:

Chain operation

A chain operated Roller Blind is an easy manually operated solution, with a 1:1 gear. Endless chain in either white, grey, black or steel.

Motorized blinds

Perfect for larger windows, windows at inconvenient position or when central control is preferred. Adjusts more than one Roller Blind at the time, if preferred. Available with timer and light/temperature sensor.

Read more about automated shades and compatible control systems >

Crank operation

Optimal choice when motorization is not preferred. Multiple Roller Blinds can be adjusted at the same time.

Child Safety

Luxaflex® is committed to adhering to the European EN 13120 standard (Internal Blinds Performance Requirements incl. safety) as a minimum safety requirement. We are continuously developing new products to help reduce the risk of accidents. All our innovative lifting systems – including cordless and motorized options – are designed to offer the ultimate in safety and convenience.

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We are here to help! Feel free to contact us regarding product questions, analysis of your needs and functional requirements, energy simulations, customized product drawings and dwg files, fabric samples and technical specifications.

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Spectral data

Spectral data is available on some fabrics in the Roller blind collection. Contact us for more information.

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  • Suitable for larger windows and doors
  • Light regulation and privacy
  • All transparencies; from Screen to Black out
  • Sustainable & Energy efficient solutions

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High quality fabrics with powerful effect

Light and heat control, thermal comfort and sustainable fabrics.

The right product, with the right functional fabric, can improve the indoor climate in a whole building."

When choosing fabric, make sure you have all the information needed.

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