As the leading brand in made to measure window blinds Luxaflex® offers journalist, editors and bloggers a wealth of professional photography and video for print and online.

Photographs and videos

Product images, lifestyle photos, interior design examples, material structures, color illustrations and video clips are examples of the high quality imagery available.

Product loans

If you are working on a style feature and would like to include a Luxaflex® product just contact us to discuss you needs.


If you are an editor, journalist or blogger we are happy to provide you with visual material.

Contact Susanne Pernefors at 0371-895 17 or e-mail susanne.pernefors@luxaflex.se.

Contact Louise Falk Kruchov at 22 63 63 42 or e-mail louise.kruchov@luxaflex.dk.

Contact Hanne Thomassen at 98 80 81 73 or e-mail hanne.thomassen@luxaflex.no.