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Within the Luxaflex® range you find funtional Curtain tracks along with decorative Curtain rods. Both alternatives are made to measure, as all our other product categories.

Functional Curtain tracks

Luxaflex® holds a wide range of functional Curtain tracks. Which model to choose, depends on the effect you would like to achieve. Within our Curtain track collection you find motorized solutions, straight and curved tracks, invisible tracks, tracks for light and heavy draperies.

A selection of our Curtain tracks is reviewed and accepted by the Swedish standard Byggvarubedömningen: Elite, Cabin, U, Vision, Air, Orion, Panel, A and Rigel.

Recycled curtain track

Our curtain track portfolio also include recycled alternatives, made of minimum 75% recycled aluminium. These tracks are manufactured locally in Vetlanda (Sweden) with low emissions during the process. The appearances are identical to the original Luxaflex® tracks in each product family and is found under the name Hydro CIRCAL®. Following tracks holds a Hydro CIRCAL® alternative: U, Air, Elite and Elite Design.

Luxaflex functional Curtain track

Decorative Curtain rods and tracks

On the more decorative side, Luxaflex® offers a wide range of high quality made to measure Curtain rods and tracks. The colours of the collection are black, steel and brass with matte or glossy finish.

Choose between 20 and 28 mm diameter.

Luxaflex Premium Curtain rod

Both collections are displayed at our Luxaflex® showrooms and authorized dealers, listed under the menu option About Luxaflex® Project.


The preferred operation options for Luxaflex® Curtain tracks and rods are:

Motorized curtains and drapery

Perfect for windows at inconvenient positions or when central control is preferred.

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Wand operation

The wand operation slides the curtain or drapery back and forth. Available in white, black and transparent.

Child Safety

Luxaflex® is committed to adhering to the European EN 13120 standard (Internal Blinds Performance Requirements incl. safety) as a minimum safety requirement. We are continuously developing new products to help reduce the risk of accidents. All our innovative lifting systems – including cordless and motorized options – are designed to offer the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Luxaflex® Curtains

As a complete solution, Luxaflex® offer made to measure Curtains of high quality.

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Luxaflex Curtains Sea

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  • Made to measure
  • High quality
  • Many varieties and models
  • Motorized solutions
  • Decorative and functional

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