Automated blinds

Buildings with automated shades and blinds are often more energy efficient because of the automated insulation effect. As an example you can use a timer or  a light/temperature sensor to close the blinds during night hours. During daytime, the automated blinds regulate the solar heat, and helps reduce the use of air conditioning. This results in long term environmental and economic savings.

One or many automated blinds, Luxaflex® has motorized products for your every need."

Working with different solutions

Luxaflex® blinds are not obligated to one supplier. Instead, the Luxaflex® products are compatible with many leading suppliers, and their control systems.

Some of our co-working motor suppliers:

Some of the compatible control systems:

  • Smart Home: KNX, SMI (Standard Motor Interface) or RS486
  • Radio Control: PowerView®, IO, RTS and Norden Radio
  • IB (Internal Bus)
  • Wire controlled operation with switch

For more information about the different control systems, please contact the suppliers (links above).

Different motorized options

There are a lot of motorized options to choose from. The Luxaflex® portfolio holds everything from 12V battery motors to 230V wired motorized options.

  • Wire connected motors: suitable for project, free of maintenance motors with overheat protection, with mechanical or electronic end limits.
  • Battery motors: minor offices or private homes.

Let us help you

We know it might be difficult to navigate in the automated world. We are here to help you choose the correct blinds and motorized products, for your unique projects.

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