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Luxaflex® Curtain is a well-composed collection of high quality fabrics and sewing. The many different qualites and colours come in different transparencies, from screen fabrics to black out. The fabrics can be ordered by meter or as ready-made curtains, sewn on your demand and measurements.

Different models

There are six different models to choose from, depending on the effect you would like to achieve. Eye catching lounge curtains, folded curtains and roman shades, to name a few.

Further down the page you find a complete model overview under Downloads.

Fabric collection

Luxaflex® Curtain collection includes fabric in all transparencies: screen, transparent, semitransparent, translucent, dim out and black out. All fabrics are flame retardant and many of them Oeko-tex certified.

Read more about our different sustainable certificates >

Natural materials

The collection contains of curtains made of up to 83% Virgin Wool. Natural materials is self cleaning and flame retardant. In addition, these qualities have a high rated sound absorption. To find out more about our curtains in natural materials, search for Feltwool.


Common to all Screen fabrics is that you maintain the outside view, while reducing heat and preventing glare.

Dim out and Room Darkening

When room darkening is the top priority, choose from the room darkening or dim out section of fabrics.

Sound absorbing fabrics

Our fabrics also include sound absorbing alternatives.


As a complete solution, Luxaflex® offer made to measure Curtain tracks and Curtain rods suitable for our Curtain collection:

Curtain tracks

Luxaflex® holds a wide range of functional Curtain tracks. Which model to choose, depends on the effect you would like to achieve. Within our Curtain track collection you find motorized solutions, straight and curved tracks, invisible tracks, tracks for light and heavy draperies.

Read more about our Curtain tracks >.

Curtain rods

On the more decorative side, Luxaflex® offers a wide range of high quality made to measure Curtain rods. The colours within the Curtain rod collection are black, steel and brass with matte or glossy finish.

Read more about our Curtain rods >.

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We are here to help! Feel free to contact us regarding product questions, analysis of your needs and functional requirements, energy simulations, customized product drawings, fabric samples and technical specifications.

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  • High quality fabrics
  • Transparent fabrics to Room darkening
  • Complete solution with track/rod
  • Various models

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